Place value

The children worked in pairs to develop their knowledge of place value.  We used place value cards and ten sticks and ones to help us build teen numbers. Then we used this knowledge to help us add.  Can you solve the questions below using this method?

13 + 2 =

15 + 3 =

16 + 4 =

Designing a house

The children really enjoyed designing houses from the time of the ‘Great Fire of London’. They listened carefully to the success criteria and thought carefully about what materials they will use. We worked hard on using a ruler to add our labels.

Class Assembly

Well done Year 1! All the hard work paid off and you did a great job in our class assembly this morning!

Thank you to all the parents who came along to share the children’s learning. For those of you who weren’t able to make it I will take some photos of the fabulous paintings we showed in assembly and add them to the blog next week.

Thank you,

Mrs Duba and Mrs Carter



Phonics fun

This week some of the children enjoyed a new game in phonics. They had to squish the paint filled bags to reveal the hidden word and read it to their partner. Then they had to sort the words according to the digraph and write it in the correct place in the table. Well done Year 1!